CSR @ Fabrication Systems Uganda Ltd

CSR Policy


Fabrication Systems Uganda Ltd has a CSR policy that is divided in 4 distinct elements with each different initiatives and policies:


§  Workplace: this is about providing an encouraging & safe work environment to our employees:

o   Gender equality policy and providing a safe workplace (BS OHSAS, PPE, etc)

o   We provide various trainings to our different departments, for example health and safety, management skills, vocational skills, etc

o   Local Empowerment: we believe in growing our people inside and provide ample growth opportunities on a merit basis

o   Football team: FSUL has its own football team that competes with other corporate teams

o   Health awareness: health and safety training, first aid training, health insurance

o   Soft loans: Interest free loans in selected cases to our employees in need


§  Marketplace:

o   Corporate governance: code of conduct & procedures

o   How we work with our suppliers, we asses suppliers on integrity, ethical standards and processes

o   Responsible marketing: pro-bono marketing


§  Community:

o   We support the community direct around us

o   Support welders to become more technically sound and certified in certain occations

o   Traineeships

o   Blood donations

o   HIV/AIDS awarness making

o   Malaria awareness & support


§  Environment:

o   Recycling of off cuts 

o   Controled and documented storage of dangerous materials, liquids and machines

o   Separate recycling and disposal of waste 


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